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A.B.”Ben” Eggleton is based in Orroroo, South Australia, Australia.

Ben writes from the heart, openly and honestly. Born a country boy, he has experienced much in work and life, which shows in the wide variety of subjects he writes about.

Enjoying writing poetry at school, it later became a solace and means of personal expression and inspiration after losing a son in a tragic accident. Ben then began to do public performance readings of his poetry, and the demand for a book became apparent.

“My work needs to be seen for what I believe it is. Not only a testament to parts of my life, but also that of my extended family and friends.

As I have worked and paid for so long to have the wonderful family my wife and I have created from our union, it is I believe, my bound duty to leave some sort of legacy for my children and theirs. So, in a nutshell, THIS is the start of that legacy.

I have the hope that because of the content and style, my creativity can be used to realize awareness in people, that they may be swayed into helping conservation of the environment, teach some history, use it as a tool in the education of our children. But, most of all, share with the world, the warmth of love I have been privileged to have, and maybe some of that love and goodwill may rub off, and remain, to be shared further throughout troubled areas.

Fame, if it comes to me, as it has in the past, will not change me from the man that is present in front of you now. As for money, if that happens, well and good, but money is only a tool to assist in daily being, not a god to bow down to. Sure it is nice, but the nicer thing is self respect, love and honesty, especially to yourself. I feel if I live by these rules, the success of the book, and of myself as an author, will be taken care of by a higher authority. Que sera, sera.”