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What You See Is What You Get

Standing straight up in front of you, My heart is a room with a view.
Open windows show you all
All I have to offer.
Nothing hides behind see-through glass,
Nothing covered by high brick walls.
Standing straight up in front of you,
Standing tall for you to see.
Reach for me, I need to hold you near.

Feel me, feel you.
To know me, just look inside.
Behind all the façade of my being,
In the flesh, what you see,
Is what you get.
Feel me, feel you.

The poetry of A. B. “Ben” Eggleton is based entirely on his experiences as well as his family and their associated friends’ lives- on the ups and downs, the ins and outs all people take. Along with him walked the people he wanted to be there, not those who just thought they should be!

The creations printed in The Bard from the Scrub are from the heart, soul, pain, laughter, life experiences, and internal workings of the brain. The poems are distinctively Australian, just like the author!